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Our mission

One Health Consulting Group provides best-in-class consulting and resources that guide and fuel your business, organization or practice through the complex environment of consumer-driven and value-based healthcare. Our model is built on a platform of patient satisfaction, provider wellness,  growth of practices and markets, system integration, scalability and long-term sustainability.

Our care model

In addition to our healthcare background, we differentiate ourselves with an approach based on three pillars.

Centered around patients

Healthcare delivery should change lives and improve the health of individuals, businesses, systems and communities through a consumer-centric lens.

Driven by physicians

Physicians play a crucial role in the success of healthcare. Whether developing leaders or decreasing burnout, we’re committed to improving the well-being of all providers.

Partnered in care

To create excellence in healthcare, collaboration is essential. We provide expertise, leadership and resources to build partnerships under a value-based umbrella.

Our holistic approach

Everything must work together for you to provide the best outcomes, cost and value. Our holistic approach combines care for one individual, one system and one community. By addressing each element, you achieve a transformation that lasts.

One System. One individual. One community. One Health.

One individual

We’re focused on improved health and wellness for all individuals – patients and providers. Our approach delivers a low-cost way for patients to get highly personal, high-quality care. In addition, we believe provider wellness is essential in delivering excellent patient care, which is why we focus on four key areas:

  • Allowing autonomy
  • Increasing wellness
  • Providing stable compensation
  • Building a compassionate and inspiring culture

One system

When healthcare works as one system, consumers navigate it more easily and corporations experience more success. By bringing together key partners, we create integrated care models that lower healthcare costs and improve likability of health plans. Together we’re focused on a shared goal: providing value to our patients and communities.

One community

At One Health Consulting Group, we empower communities to be healthy by helping make care accessible and affordable for everyone. We believe an individual’s background shouldn’t determine the quality of care received, nor should they have to choose between food, housing and healthcare. Our approach to delivery transformation actively seeks to include the excluded, enriching the experience for all.

Meet the One Health Consulting Group team

The One Health Consulting Group leadership team consists of physicians and executives with decades of experience. We have significant backgrounds creating environments where quality, service and cost management improve patient experience, provider wellness and healthcare culture.

David Cook, MD, FAAFP Chief Executive Officer.

David Cook, MD, FAAFP | Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cook is co-founder and CEO of One Health Consulting Group. Since 1993, he’s been successful in building advanced primary care that can evolve with the ever-changing healthcare climate. He takes pride in creating a space for provider wellness and system health – while providing the most efficient, evidencebased and compassionate care for the individual.

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Ehab Sharawy, MD, FACOG Chief Executive Officer.

Ehab Sharawy, MD, FACOG | Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sharawy, co-founder and CEO of One Health Consulting Group, is a board-certified OB/GYN with decades of experience building physician practices. His patient-centered approach rests on a foundation of access, quality, safety and satisfaction for both the patient and provider. Dr. Sharawy believes if you focus your efforts on these principles, you’ll be successful no matter your surrounding environment. He’s thrilled to share his experiences with likeminded physicians and healthcare stakeholders to create a sustainable healthcare delivery model.

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Mark Collins, MD, FAAFP, Chief Medical Officer.

Mark Collins, MD, FAAFP | Chief Strategy Officer

With many years in a physician leadership role, Dr. Collins understands the complex challenges facing today’s healthcare providers. A board-certified family physician, he practiced in Waxhaw, NC, for 10 years before starting a practice in South Charlotte, which he quickly grew from 1 to 8 providers. He continues to see patients in the University City neighborhood of Charlotte, NC.

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James Schaffer

James W. Schaffer, MD I Chief Operations Officer

As a Charlotte native, Dr. Schaffer has long been driven to improve the health of the local community. An Arabian proverb set the tone for his work and his life’s mission: “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” Helping people of all ages focus on their health and disease prevention is his top priority.

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Scott Vogler

Scott Vogler, MD, FAAFP I Chief Medical Officer

After more than 20 years of practicing family medicine and primary care, Dr. Vogler is adept at building quality relationships with his patients. He knows those unions are the springboard for empowering both individuals and the community for a lifetime of better health.

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Tricia Valera

Tricia Varela, MHA, MBA | VP, Financial Operations

Tricia Varela was born in The Florida Keys. Although the Conch Republic will forever be in her heart, as a military dependent she lived in many unique places and experienced a spectrum of healthcare delivery models including the Canadian Healthcare System.

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Sarah Boles

Sarah Boles, RN | VP, Clinical Operations

Sarah’s nursing and leadership experiences give her a unique and valued perspective on building teams, mentoring and developing other healthcare leaders. Sarah joined One Health Consulting Group in early 2021 – in the midst of the pandemic – and immediately began contributing to and sharpening the operational strength of the business. Her excitement and passion for healthcare drive her to look for new and innovative ways to support strong growth and advance enhanced care models.

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Pam Floberg

Pam Floberg, RMA | Clinical Consumer Specialist

Pam’s clinical leadership experience has given her the ability and opportunity to help improve the functionality of new and existing clinics. She embraces mentoring and developing quality team members to work at the top of their skillsets. Pam’s ultimate goal since joining One Health is to help provide the highest level of patient care.

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Christopher Zagar, MD

Christopher Zagar, MD | Chief Academic Officer

After 13 years in private practice, Dr. Zagar spent 6 years as a core faculty physician teaching and mentoring family medicine residents during their 3-year training program while functioning as the lead clinician and lab director.

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Kira Harris, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, CPP

Kira Harris, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, CPP

Kira Harris is joining One Health as the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. In this role, she will be providing patient care at several offices throughout One Health. She will also be implementing clinical pharmacy services and value-based projects to support the care you all provide for your patients.

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Kelly Garrison

Kelly Garrison, MBA, MHA | Chief Transformation Officer

Kelly Garrison joins the One Health team as the Chief of Strategy & Development. Kelly brings more than 15 years of health care experience; most recently having served as the CEO of a population health company focused on Medicaid patients.

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