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Two providers having a conversation.

Healthcare is always changing. With a focus on primary care, we give you solutions that keep up with the changes. Whether you need help transitioning to a new care model, opening a practice or training your team, we partner with you to deliver high-quality healthcare at the right cost for everyone.

Our services

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Patient experience

From processes to technologies, we find innovative ways for you to provide better, easier care for patients. We help you create an environment patients can trust and that feels like home, making you their first choice for healthcare.

Two people sitting at a table having a conversation.

Care model consulting

The best care models are simple, with high impact. By examining your current care model, we transform it into a solution that’s more sustainable and profitable for you — and accessible and affordable for your patients.

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Leadership development

We develop leaders among physicians and administration. By encouraging entrepreneurship, we inspire them to be the driving force in their practice, system and community — which equals success for everyone.

A provider talking to a room full of providers.


From improving your bottom line to successfully transforming your care model, we train your entire team in how to deliver value-based care. They’ll gain a clearer vision of how to make an immediate impact on your organization and community.

A person showing two other people information on a tablet device.

Medical service organization and practice development

We provide you with the full spectrum of services and resources to manage a practice. This includes a sustainable structure, technical platform, compensation plan and cost-friendly solutions for physicians and patients.

A room of providers talking at a table.

Innovation lab

By identifying and working with partners, we’re bringing more people and organizations into the world of consumer-centric, value-based care. Together, we can maximize and innovate healthcare delivery for everyone.